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Say goodbye to negative thoughts and habits with self-hypnosis.  NO drugs and NO side-effects.

Hypnosis gives you a universe of infinite possibilities and successes!
With hypnosis you will instantly neutralize and replace your negative thoughts and habits. Instead of trying unsuccessfully to replace your negative thoughts and habits using will power; you will deliberately replace them through your subconscious mind, transforming your life into joy, happiness and success.

Thought is a dynamic force that causes the body to heal diseases, mentally manifest your desires in life and is the most vital, subtle and irresistible force in the universe.

  • Does life feel like a constant struggle?
  • Are self-sabotaging negative thoughts ruining your chance for success?
  • Are you always almost winning at losing weight?
  • Almost stopped smoking?
  • Almost getting the promotion?
  • Almost overcoming your fears?
  • Almost achieving your dreams and feeling happy; but sadness remains heavy in your heart?
  • Almost overcoming change; but remain the same with little or no hope in sight?
  • Almost feeling satisfied in a relationship; but remain empty emotionally and sexually?
  • Are you ready to  stop “almost”, solve your problems and break through your wall of pain and really enjoy the pleasures of life?

No matter what you have tried in the past, I will work with you  through hypnosis to unlock your thought power and eliminate: major stress, depression, fear, anxieties, health and weight issues, low self-esteem and self confidence, anger, lack of money, performance anxiety and uncertainty.

Fear. The # 1 Killer of Dreams. 

You will finally “slay the dragon of fear” and start living the life you deserve and desire.

Do you have big dreams? Big plans for your life? Do you find yourself being held back by negative  thoughts? Bad habits? Fear? Lack of confidence? Motivation and/ or self-esteem problems? I hear you loud and clear! It’s a common problem, and not only do people not address their problems , they keep saying  “what is wrong with me?  I must be broken”.  Well, I am here to tell you that you are not broken at all.

You will experience a powerful, unparalleled personal success, using hypnosis, a highly proven approach for thinning out negative emotions  and easily turn your life right side up.

My greatest aspiration is to help you achieve the RESULTS you want, and I firmly believe that hypnosis will turn your life around to help you enjoy endless possibilities!

Let's face it;  your happiness can’t wait another second.

You have waited too long to solve your problems and have been tricked by too many negative thoughts to have to delay your dreams another minute.

You have the power to transform and  change successfully. It may sound hard to believe that hypnotherapy can help you have a life of wealth, happiness, inner peace and success that actually works. I appreciate any misconceptions you might have about hypnosis. Hypnosis is powerful and is in effect in your life every day.

The truth is, I have literally experienced transformational positive change in so many lives through hypnotherapy that I am convinced your life WILL be changed. I am sure of it. Discover now for yourself the miracle working power of your subconscious mind and how the law of belief controls every action in your life, be it negative or positive.


Women and men from all industries solve problems  and walk away from their hypnotherapy personal sessions with a mindset that creates higher levels of motivation, greater focus, clear intentions, personal success and passion. They fuel their personal life or business with better results, energy, abundance, joy, happiness, inner peace, confidence, overcome anxieties and feel better from within; like a champion and winner in life. You will feel an inspired desire and positive emotions to improve the quality of your life! And the hypnosis tools you'll be armed with will last you a lifetime


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Jim Zinger, CSP - Noted Hypnotherapist, Motivational Speaker and Founder of Hypmovation Inc, Hypmovation Training Institute and SwimmerBuddy